What Will Be About To Get Finished

What Will Be About To Get Finished: A solo choreographed for the Running Concerts in The Hague, a small Korzo production I have been involved with twice. The first time, with ‘What Will Be About To Get Finished’ in 2014 and later on in 2015, with what was the very first state of Withering.

It was the first work I created after leaving big structured companies. This solo is a conceptual improvisation that talks about the comfort zone in general and particularly represents the 3 emotional states I could recognise in my behaviour at the time. Having been in a very comfortable place for a long time, not having to look-out; the confrontation with reality (having to get out); and the acceptance of the new situation.

The future does not frighten when we do look into it, avoiding to be aware of it and its possibilities. When we became conscious of its power and extension, it does look terrifying. However, we normally manage to overcome the fear and get started with what is just one more beautiful moment, that will soon be in our past.

Music by Carlos Ema & Yiannis Tsirikoglou