‘Peleles’ is the sub-chapter 2.1 from the series of works ‘Reminiscente’. It is born as the result of the light research made during the light course ‘Pioneer’. The Pioneer project is founded by Jiri Pokorny and supported by the Omscholing Dansers, and Korzo Theatre in The Hague, The Netherlands.

The main source of inspiration for this chapter was the painting ‘El pelele‘ by Francisco de Goya, but also his series of prints ‘Caprichos‘. As well as the popular song ‘El pelele está malo‘.

This sub-chapter falls into the second chapter, the duet state. And it is performed by Claudia Greco and Antonin Rioche. Created during June 2018 at Korzo Theatre, where it was presented internally.

  • Concept and idea Fernando Troya
  • Performance Claudia Greco and Antonin Rioche

* Thanks to Tom Visser for the space to play and try lighting ideas. As well as to Korzo and Omscholing for the support.