Gardening Birds

Gardening Birds: A work made for the festival and summer intensive, OpenFLR, 2016, in Florence.

‘Gardening Birds’ initiates its journey from the music composition Carlos Ema made. My proposal of using landscape recordings immediately triggered the name of Francisco López* and his marvellous field recordings. It also brought the new challenge of interacting rhythmically and harmonically with the disorganized performance that an unedited rainforest recording brings to the score. At the beginning of the piece, Carlos just added a spaced and open frame for the listener to take a specific perspective within his perception. As a result, electronic sounds melt, confused amongst the birds and vice-versa  within a very organic interaction. In the middle of the composition, percussion and piano sounds (with different extended techniques) come to the front layer, leading to a calm end, where the interaction between both worlds rest more in the sound qualities than in rhythmic or melodic elements.

 It was easy for me to get inspired with this magnificent concept: birds and nature. Birds and nature have been a part of my life since I can remember. My dad is a bird watcher, so I have spent hours looking for them, observing them. Of course, as a kid, you are not very interested in watching birds, so what resonates in my memory are not specifically birds, but a lot of other things.1

There was a reality of escape and lonely emotions at the time. The situation at home was nothing close to comfortable and my relationship with my dad was not great. As a result of this, there was a lot of silence and non-spoken emotions flying around us, walking with us. A very difficult situation behind the beauty of birds’ sounds and landscapes.

*The recording used ‘Original Rainforest Sound Environments recorded and edited by composer Francisco López’ (