Essential Rights

‘Essential Rights’ was a project produced by Fernando Troya, while in residency at CLOUD dans/lab in December, 2015. The original cast consisted of: Arturo Vargas, Quentin Roger and Gianmarco La Roca.

Essential Rights was created in 2015 and performed in different occasions till the end of 2018.

  •  In November 2016, was presented at Cafe Belcampo in Amsterdam and in a dutch national tour in collaboration with ENS company at Rietveld Theatre in Delft.
  • It was reworked again in June 2017 for a proper premiere at Korzo Theatre, as part of the program ‘All there is’. It was here where the work finally became a whole piece.
  • It was Performed at Dansmakers Amsterdam the fall of 2017.
  • Essential Rights was awarded with the BNG Dansprijs the fall of 2017. The award was to have a national tour of 15 shows in The Netherlands as part of the Korzo Production Dansclick in the fall of 2018.

About the piece

In ‘Essential Rights’, we find different metaphors about life contained within the unique universe of three particular individuals. This piece touches subjects such as parenting; the problems, fears and taboos parents’ conflicts create in children and how this can affect the present in all of us. It also talks about the social rules; materialism and bullying; an important part of our world. A place where you have to succeed, be the best, and therefore are forced to be on top of everyone, whether you like it or not.

Music by Carlos Ema

(Image credits to Duarte Nobre and Jochem Jurgens)

Research and first phase of creation 2015

Korzo 2017

Dansmakers Amsterdam 2017

Dansclick 20 Fall 2018