Across the Border

Across the Border: ‘Across the border’ is a research process in collaboration with Antonello Tudisco, during the year 2015. The main focus of the research was everything that somehow was restricted by borders: spaces, gender, countries, emotions, bodies… However, during the research, our attention was caught by the chiaroscuro and its paintings. In particular, the ones by Caravaggio and his biography.

Nudity and sexuality were a very present element in the research. The body as it is, transforming in the shadows of different emotions; a conversation with space through light. This research was very important for me to understand the relationship of a body to space and light and the transition from one emotion to another, as a performer.

Once again, text was very present in this research as well, giving me the opportunity to learn more about possibilities of the voice and body combined, in the studio and on stage. But more importantly, giving me the opportunity to go back to my childhood. Somedays, we reached a very delicate and emotional state, where I could feel myself going back in time and revealing emotions that I did not know existed before.

Perhaps that was the beginning of my interest in childhood and its affect on our present, or the interest in it as a valuable artistic tool.