A Colossus

A Colossus is the 1st physical translation of the ongoing research I am busy with currently: The Allegory of the Cave (Theory of Form) by Plato, and the oeuvre of the Spanish painter Francisco de Goya.

The structure of the solo is a metaphoric reference to Plato’s Cave. Though the content is fully goyesco; The main source of inspiration for the solo has been the painting called The Colossus (not by Goya, but a follower of him), and the print with the same name by Goya. As well a series of prints called ‘Disasters of war‘, also by the Spanish painter.

This solo was created at and with support of Dansmakers Amsterdam in March 2018. It is performed by Fernando Troya, with live music by Carlos Ema.

  • Concept and choreography Fernando Troya
  • Music composition by Carlos Ema
  • Production Martha Gallego (7 Hills Foundation)
  • Video Thomas Nuyten
  • Pictures Frédérique van Dijk