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Reviews of Fernando’s work

Positieve impuls voor dans LET’S GET PHYSICAL – GrossDanceCompany Joanna Fox Gezien: 4 Juli 2017. Eerste editie in Theater Ostade, Amsterdam LET’S GET PHYSICAL. Onder deze titel lanceren artistieke leiders Sagi Gross en Jeroen Fransen / GrossDanceCompany een gloednieuw en vooral vriendschappelijk platform in Amsterdam voor danskunstenaars en publiek. Deze eerste editie toont vier werken […]

The animal, bits from the process

‘The Animal that takes you’ Budapest Dance Theatre is offering the opportunity to keep researching and developing. I am currently creating a 30 min work for BDT. The piece will be premiered at the National Theatre of Hungary on February 27th 2017. The process started a week ago, and very beautiful things are already happening in the […]


AGENDA Performance Dates Future * National tour with Essential Rights, November, December 2018 (Dansclick, Korzo production) * Found in Translation October 2018, Murcia, Spain. Past * A Colossus, at OPEN LOOK festival in St. Petersburg (18.082018) * Reminiscente, chapters 1 & 2 (‘A Colossus’ and ‘En Calzones‘). Presentation at CLOUD/Danslab 17.06.2018 * A Colossus, 1st presentation […]

‘This is the ever unfinished, ever created body’

Collaboration with Anouk Artistic collaboration with Anouk van Wijk. We are aiming to present her collection ‘This is the ever unfinished, ever created body’ in a performative way. It will happen in the event ‘In the light: New Narrative’ held by Hedwig Vervoort. Some bits of Anouk’s Research: My research initiated from a livelong fascination […]

Thoughts by Yrjö Tuunanen

Image by  Yrjö Tuunanen and Pia Viik.   About ‘Withering‘  20th of Nov 2016 Last evening, November 1st, I had an opportunity to sit down and concentrate on watching your award winning solo production: “Withering”. For me, it is a very intensive, even hypnotic, existential and ontological journey. Ontological on several dimensions: ontological in terms of the ontology of […]