The Colossus – Upcoming

A colossus, an enormous entity, filled with muscle and a seemingly masculine appearance. Inside, just a vulnerable being, trying to find a way of coping with life and his internal struggle related to sexuality.

A new production to be created as a series of chapters, short pieces of 10 to 20 minutes.

The complete work, produced in stages, aims to be a performance of 60 minutes long, the first chapter is a solo, the second chapter a duet, the last chapter will be a performance with three to five dancers.

The concept is informed by Plato’s theory of Forms (or Ideas). Francisco Goya’s prestigious work is the main source for the aesthetic appearance of this new creation

Thinking of the allegory of the two worlds, I believe children perceive much more than adults, they seem to be able to permeate easily further into the intelligible world of plato. Therefore I want to conceive the solo as a metaphor of childhood, or at least give myself the privileged space of a private playground.

Concept and idea Fernando Troya
 Music by Carlos Ema
Production Martha Gallego