Collaboration with Anouk

Artistic collaboration with Anouk van Wijk. We are aiming to present her collection ‘This is the ever unfinished, ever created body’ in a performative way. It will happen in the event ‘In the light: New Narrative’ held by Hedwig Vervoort.

Some bits of Anouk’s Research:

My research initiated from a livelong fascination for the functioning of the human body. The thing that bothered me is the attitude our present society formed towards the body. We got to the point where there’s a low acceptance on anything deviant from the ‘standard’, the beauty ideal. But the fact that this ideal ignores the majority of our population, which makes it almost impossible to live up to, makes every single being, in a way, deviant. This is deviation, or better said; uniqueness, is something that should be celebrated, but unfortunately nowadays the opposite of celebration is what’s happening. I started thinking to myself; what would, in my utopian world, the human race be like? What kind of great modifications await us in the future? What would the future of mankind look like – concerning the bodily functioning and appearance of man? In the following essay I will focus on creating a future human being, the Homo Futurus.


Emerged man

Let’s start by giving our Homo Futurus the name ‘Merged Man’ and describe him as a joining of two human beings in a pliable state. This state of extreme pliability only occurs when the souls of two human beings experience a certain valuable connection. This connection will be so powerful, that the need to complementthis with the merging of both their bodies is inevitable. Both bodies already find themselves in the highest state of pliability and are as flexible as they could possibly be. The muscles in their bodies are not capable of remaining the usual upright position anymore and end up as a pile of ‘man’ on the floor. From this point on, the merging can commence. Slowly, the two bodies blend into one another and form a new, combined body with the traits and characteristics of both.

“I don’t know what the future of body acceptance is but I do know that as long as we continue to make intelligent art we’re helping our societies move closer to acceptance”

Rupi Kaur


“There is only one race – the human race”

Mahatma Gandhi

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